Chrome-like surface as regular foil but it's thinner and can not be easily creased

Add value to your fashion design with the brilliant accent of reflective matals.
Can be used on the sport, yoga and swimming wear.


SPOT DYNAMIC stretchable foil (Three kinds of decorative pattern)

  • Use spot and dynamic patterns to give the design a 3D effect, soft and strong stretchability materials to make fashion design more valuable.

IRIDESCENT stretchable foil (There are many colors to choose from)

  • Adding more options to our original colors, which is a light blue opal colored translucent film that feels a little “Jelly”

BRUSH/DOT/CULLET stretchable foil

  • We provide more patterns on the stretchable foil, such as Dot, Brush, Cullet. Metallic materials making the design more modern.


  • Chrome-like surface, similar to regular foil but thinner and difficult to crease.
  • Has a smooth, soft, stretchable texture.
  • Adds flair to your fashion designs, with the brilliant feature of reflective metals.
  • Can be used on sport, yoga and swimwear.


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