Cstar latest 2020 Printing Glitter is based on the classic glitter materials, perfectly applied dye sublimation technology . It not only retains the sparkling point and uniqueness of the glitter material, but also makes new innovations based on the traditional glitter , making it more fashionable and attractive.

Printing technique provides a perfect solution for complex and colorful designs. Combine with other hot fix materials bring various effect that we can not do in the past. Not limited by the number of colors, and colors more vivid than screen printing.


•Low MOQ:24 pieces for custom design

•Cost-effective:Designs of the same size have the same price regardless of several colors.

•Rest assured:Same shakle surface as regular glitter , will not rub off .

•Wide applications:More posbilities to combine with other materials , such as rhinestone , stud , PU , foil , regular glitter and etc.

•Inheritance and innovation:Supplement to regular hot fix glitter that can achieve variously complex colors and details combination .



•Low MOQ of 24 pieces let everyone can try it easily !
•ANIMAL PATTERN GLITTER – CSTAR integrate 2020 market mainstream series heat transfer glitter for you,it is the most ambitious change to our classic glitter.The colorful pattern gives you a wider choice to support your creative freedom.

•You not only can custom your designs with us , but also can just buy the Printing Glitter materials from us and DIY by yourself !

•Stock patterns can not satisfied your fancy ?

You can also give full play to your imagination and creativity to customize your own patterns !

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