Add a softer fuzzy texture with a 3D appearance.
Great for layering colors.
3 thickness options available.
Low-cost decoration alternative to embroidery.



Regular Flock

Flocking fabric thickness is 0.5MM, bright color, soft feel, suede plump, win the favor of consumers. And permeability, fastness is particularly good.

Medium Flock(Velvet)

The thickness of short plush fabric is 1.5MM. The appearance is light and clean, with good air permeability and drape. And fiber strength is high, wear-resisting, not easy deformation and wrinkle.

Long Flock(Velvet)

The thickness of short plush fabric is 2MM. Good elasticity, soft luster, fine and long plush. Energy saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency, short production time, received a lot of customers.

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