CSTAR TEXTURE PU is the only one heat transfer material we own the patent. Surface of it with sparkle shiny effect similar to glitter, brighter than regular flat vinyl in the market.

Also it has special brush and sand and the patterned reflective effect, which can make your design more texture.

  • Patterned Reflective PU
  • Brush PU
  • Sand PU

Cstar Texture PU

Patterned Reflective PU

Exclusive reflective material! 12 patterned reflective PU can be cut into different shapes to bring more fashionable to your design. Patterned reflective PU appears black in daylight, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching. When illuminated by light, it is able to show different reflective patterns at different angles.

12 Patterned Reflective PU

Available in 12 patterns to satisfy variety of needs. (Left is normal, right is reflect)

Brush/Sand PU

Brush/Sand PU

Brush/Sand PU can be cut by laser machine into graphics, characters and logos and transferred to all kinds of fabrics by heat and pressure.

Brush/Sand PU

Brush/Sand PU colors


There are over 15 materials available, such as rhinestone, studs, glitter, foil, etc, just choose the one you prefer to combine.


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