CSTAR has worked with these extraordinary partners for many years, and it grows more and more. These partners include amusement parks, fashion brands, sport teams, cheerleading uniforms, gifts and promotion products and so on.

We have been established in 2005 for more than 15 years. As the first heat transfer company in China to pass the universal studio certification test, we will treat every customer in the most professional and effective way.

With the gradual development of the company, our products are more and more diversified. Our products now can meet most of the customers requirement, also we are actively developing move new products for our customers.


Normally, our daily output is around 10,000 pieces.

We offer not only rhinestone, Heat transfer vinyl, but also special printable series as well as silicone series, embroidery series, over 40 crafts and materials to choose from.

We have 8 professional design teams, one on one design for customers; Most experienced sales team and quality control department; There are as many as 50 workers in the production department; Not only that, we can also provide 5A washing test of European/USA standard.

There is also an office in CA to avoid communication problems caused by jet lag.


 Our professional design team provides fast design service within 24 hours, and there is no set-up fee.


The design minimum order quantity is 24 pieces for regular heat transfer.


More than 40 different materials and processes are available for you to choose and customize, and the combination of many kinds of materials is our advantage.


Normally, our production time is 2-3 working days. We usually choose UPS SAVER/DHL/FEDEX to send you from our factory in China, and the transportation time is 1-2 working days


We provide complete 5A water wash test technology to provide you with test services


We are responsible for all goods problems caused by quality problems, and we assure you with professional attitude and technology